Living Homes
For those who want a beautiful home that also reflects an environmentally conscious lifestyle, the 22 residences featured in Living Homes prove that it's possible to have the best of both worlds. In this lushly photo-graphed book, authors Suzi Moore McGregor and Nora Burba Trulsson take readers on a visual tour of stunning earthen homes. They explore a rammed earth neighborhood, a two-story Victorian-style straw bale house, and a recycled concrete coastal retreat, among other alternative living spaces. Meet the architects and owners, read their stories, learn what inspired them, and explore their beautiful gardens and décor. Terrence Moore's striking photographs capture the exquisite interiors and exteriors and showcase the picturesque landscapes that create such magnificent backdrops. With profiles of adobe, rammed earth, straw bale, and reinvented materials in both their historical and contemporary applications, Living Homes is a visual inspiration and vital guide to sustainable architecture and alternative materials.

Under The Sun
Under The Sun captures the beautiful traditions of desert living through a unique tour of desert architecture and interiors - from North Africa and Spain to Mexico and the American Southwest. illustrated with nearly three hundred striking color photographs, the book celebrates the architectural styles of some of the world's most arid regions. Exploring how the harsh realities of desert life have shaped desert buildings over centuries and continents, the authors give us detailed portraits of thirty-eight notable sites. Among these sites are a mosque in Tunisia, a kasabah in Morocco, a Spanish hill town, a Native American pueblo, a historic limestone ranch in Texas a self-sufficient New Mexico house made from tires, a sun-drenched adobe dream house in Arizona, and a dazzling, contemporary house in California. Throughout, spectacular images of exteriors, interiors, patios, and gardens - from the contemplative quite of the Alhambra in Granada to sophisticated open-air living rooms in California - show how the best desert buildings are the ones that interact harmoniously with the natural environment. Filled with innovative, ecologically sound design ideas, this in-depth international survey will fascinate anyone who has ever felt the allure of desert living.

Baja! celebrates the extraordinary natural beauty and ancient appeal of Mexico's Baja peninsula and the desert islands of the Sea of Cortez. Authors Terrence Moore and Doug Peacock explore every aspect of this rugged wilderness - the central desert, the mountain ranges that run the length of the 800-mile peninsula, the lagoons and dune islands of the pacific, the isolated gulf islands - and, in so doing, present a stunning portrait of this timeless land. Moore's brilliant color photographs and Peacock's anecdotal, journal-style narrative combine to create a memorable journey down the Baja peninsula, from the colorful border towns to Land's End at Cabo San lucas. On one trip across the peninsula, the authors are joined by Peter Matthiessen, who contributes a lyrical introduction reflecting on his various visits to Baja. Each shares his own adventures and observations of Baja - camping and fishing on remote desert islands, hiking into lush palm canyons, visiting centuries-old missions, passing through the towns and villages along the transpeninsula highway, searching out the mysterious Indian cave murals, watching the antics of the gray whales in the Pacific lagoons or the great bird colonies on the gulf islands. Along the way, the reader learns much about the human and natural history of Baja California, which is often referred to as "Mexico's Galapagos" because of its bountiful and wonderfully strange plant and wildlife. A naturalist's paradise, Baja California's unique environment becomes ever more vulnerable as its dramatic coastline and magnificent beaches become increasingly popular. Baja! aims not only to reveal the stark beauty of the region, but also to document a few of Baja's urgent environmental problems and to encourage and inspire the preservation of this wild and fragile land.